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Family Apostolate Centre, Ernakulam : a brief history

The family is not an isolated phenomenon, but, indeed is an integral unit essential to society. It is a social system, responsive to the social and cultural milieu in which it operates and, in fact, is the cornerstone of any community. The ruin or growth of any community immediately corresponds to the compactness and stability of families. No community can exist or flourish without safeguarding the sanctity and nobility of families.

At this juncture, it is remarkable to note the high regard, the archdiocese of Ernakulam-Angamally grants to the welfare of families. The glowing example is the Department of Family Apostolate & Counselling itself, that was instituted under the patronage of the late Cardinal, His Eminence Joseph Parecattil, in1976 on the 10th of June. Throughout the past years since its inception, the centre is a delightful witness to the ever growing bond of love in relationships within the precincts of many a family!

The activities of the department began, centred on St. Joseph's church, Kalamassery. Rev. Fr. Paul Manavalan, the then assistant Vicar of St. Mary's Cathedral, was vested with the initial task of building up the venture in 1976. Later, in 1977, Rev. Fr. Paul Kallookkaren director,Social Welfare Centre, Kalamasserry, took charge as the director of the apostolate.

'Family 'was the theme of the Bishop's synod of 1980.The discussions prior to the synod gave the much needed energy and strength to the apostolate. The foresight and the diligent hard work of the directors like Rev. Fr. Sebastian Thottapilly, who served the institution from time to time gave definite shape and state to the centre. 

And on New Year day in 1988, the centre started functioning its new office at the Renewal Centre, Kaloor. The preparation course for the marriage was made compulsory by an order from the Curia on August 15, 1988.

In August,1992 'Pankali' marriage bureau was initiated; and in 2002, in commemoration of the golden jubilee of the centre, the Anugraha Counselling Centre took shape. 2006 was celebrated as The Year of THE Family. And, on July 9, 2010 a project, under the name and style, 'Snehaprasadam' was inaugurated as a follow up of the Marriage Preparation Course to nourish and nurture marital relationships. 


Pankali Matrimony

Pankali is one of the services from Department of Family Apostolate and Counselling, Archdiocese of Ernakulam-Angamaly. Along with Pankali, we conduct Marriage Preparation Course every week, Weekend Marriage Enrichment Programme, Parenting Training, Family Counselling, Widows/Widowers Meet, etc. Pankali has a long back 19 years of graceful service since 15th August 1992. Through Pankali thousands have received their God-chosen life partner. 

We strongly believe that selection of the life partner is very crucial to the success of marriage. Therefore it should not be commercialized. The truthfulness of the data exchanged and sufficient knowledge about the future life partner are highly important. Selecting the life partner in a commercial and instant manner has a higher risk of inviting worries for life. Above all, the capacity of the future bride and groom to commit to you a lifelong relationship must be adequately. In this regard, guidance of the parents and other peoples of experiential wisdom is very helpful. It is our conviction that life partner is a gift of God and a process of discernment is necessary to find God-chosen partner. In this process of discernment, we provide not only the data of your future life partner, but also guide you adequately. We help you to resolve the tensions and conflicts that may arise between the family members in selecting the life partner. However, it should be noted that although we try our best to make sure the sincerity of data provided, it is your responsibility to verify them. 

As it is not a commercial venture, we do not expect any commission from you except the registration fees. However, if you are happy with our service, you may donate to our Marriage and Family Welfare fund. 

New profiles are added to our site also through weekly Marriage Preparation Programmes and Partner Selection Meet organised in the various regions of the Ernakulam-Angamaly Archdiocese. Hence we hope that we can serve you better.

Former Directors:

  • Rev.Fr.Paul Manavalan----1976
  • Rev Fr.Paul Kallookkaren—1977-1980
  • Rev. Fr. Sebastian Thottappilly----1980-1983
  • Rev.Fr.Varghese Manavalan----1983-1986
  • Rev. Fr. Sebastian Thottappilly---1986-1997
  • Rev. Fr. George Mankuzhikkary—1997-2002
  • Rev. Fr. Zacharias Paranilam—2002-2003
  • Rev. Fr. Antony Perumayan—2003-2004
  • Rev. Fr. Varghese Pulickan-2004-2010

Our Vision 

Human Relationship = Grace

Integral growth of human person depends on human relationships. Family is a web of various human relationships. Among them, as psychology shows, most important are the husband-wife and parent-child relationships. They are most important because they are potentially very intimate, proximate, reciprocal, dynamic, life-giving, influencing, interdependent, etc. 

Constantly nourishing these relationships will help human person to realize his/her potentials integrally. Hence we hold the Christian vision that family is a fundamental channel of God's grace, i.e. loving relationship is grace. 

We strongly believe that this is the meaning of what the Creator did, "It is not good for the man to be alone, I will make a suitable partner for him" (Gen.1:18). And this is what the first man experienced at the first human relationship, "This one, at last, is bone of my bonds and flesh of my flesh" (Gen. 2:23).

Our Mission 

To Nurture Consciously and Constantly Family Relationships

In order to become channels of grace, family relationships need to be nurtured consciously and constantly. The nurturing includes both the weeding out of harmful behavior patterns and the cultivation of the healthy ones. 

Through systematic and integral approach, we help people to explore new horizons of their family relationships. We inspire, motivate, encourage, guide and train them to keep the equilibrium of family relationships through workshops, meditation, spiritual retreats, sacramental celebration, counseling, lectures, discussions, publications, audio & video programme, etc.


Our Team

Major Archbishop Mar George Alencherry



Managing Body


 Bp. Mar. Sebastian Adayanthrath
(Proto Syncellus)

Bp. Mar. Jose Puthenveettil


Rev. Fr.Jose Mandanath
(Pastoral Co-Ordinator)

Rev. Dr. Augustine Kallely

Rev. Fr.Joyson Puthussery

 (Asst. Director)


Rev. Fr. Augustie Moonjely
(Program Co ordinator)

Rev.Fr.Varghese Perumayan

(Forane Directors' Representation )

Mr. Rifon Joseph & Tessy Rifon

( Co-ordinator)

Rev. Sr. Tesin CSN



Mr. Jose Mazhuvanchery
(Team Members' Representation)

 Mr. Jose Mathew & Maryamma Jose

(TCM Secretary)

Mr. Shaju & Seena

(Forane Organisers' Representation )
Rev. Sr. Terly SD

(Forane Secretarys’s Representation)


Office Bearers




Rev. Dr. Augustine Kallely

Rev.Fr.Joyson Puthussery
Asst. Director

Rev. Sr. Tesin CSN



Mr. Jose Mathew

(TCM Secretary)

Mrs.Annie Joy
Office Assistant

Jeevalaya Family Park, Kalady

Rev. Dr. Augustine Kallely


Rev.Fr.Joyson Puthussery
(Asst. Director)

Rev. Sr. Francia S D


Rev.Sr.Jasmine ASMI

(Office Administrator) 

Rev. Sr. Ancy Xavier FCC

(Parenting Counsellor)

Mr. Biju Parackal

(Administrator )

Mrs. Jincy Binoy

(Pankali Co Ordinator)

Mr. Rifon Joseph

(TCM Coordinator)

Mrs.Stephy Justine

( Office Assistant)

Vaikom, FACE Regional Office

 Mrs. Prabha Pius

(Office Secretary)

Resource Team


Rev. Dr. Augustine Kallely

Rev. Dr. Varghese Pulickal

Rev. Dr. Jimmy Poochakkatt

Rev. Dr. James Pereppadan

Rev. Dr. Zacharias Paranilam

Rev. Dr. Kuriakose Mundadan

Rev. Fr. Sebastian Thottapilly

Rev. Fr.Joyson Puthussery
Dr. Grace Thomas

Dr. Shirly John

Dr. Sr. Soumya CMC

Prof. Dr. P. M. Chacko

Mr. Parur George

Adv. Vincent Joseph

Dr. Neena Thomas 

Dr. Smithy Sanal 

Dr. Kochurani Joseph 

Mrs. & Mr. Jacob Nambiattikudy

Mrs. & Mr. Rifon Attokkaran

Mrs. & Mr. Elvis Kottooran

Mr. Jose Mazhuvanchery


Mr. K. D. Jose

Mr. Baby Kallookkaran

Mr. Jose Menachery

Prof. Monamma Kokkad

Mrs. Mary Issac

Mrs. Mary Jose

Mrs. Cicily Marcel

Mrs. Eliamma Uppupuram

Sr. Dr. Rose Jose CHF

Sr. Gonzaga SABS






Counselling Team 


Mrs. Thressiamma Jose  

Mrs. Annie Sebastian M. Phil. 

Dr. Sr. Susan MSJ 

Prof. Dr. P. M. Chacko 

Rev.Sr. Rani Varghese CHF 

Rev.Sr. Ann Maria CHF

Rev.Sr. Gonsaga SABS

Rev. Sr. Ancy Xavier FCC


Rev.Sr.Anisha CSN

Rev.Sr. Anisha SD

Rev.Sr. Sumam SD

Mrs. & Mr. N.I Thomas 

Rev.Sr. Vincy Thekkiniyedath SABS

Rev.Sr. Leonny CSM 

Mrs & Mr. K.M George

Rev. Sr. Shiji DCPB 



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